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Steven Schmitt & Reed Schmitt are the Co-Founders of The Founders Club Sheboygan.  Steven and Reed Schmitt represent the fourth generation of the Schmitt Family committed to providing the highest level of quality, service and integrity.


Since 1899, Jos. Schmitt & Sons Construction Company has served the construction needs of the area residents, businesses and institutions.

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About Us

The Founder's Club is the first of its kind in Sheboygan County. The building itself has been around since 1970, formerly as Sheboygan Senior Community. Now, newly renovated, the building will be home to local interns as well as seasonal workers for some of Sheboygan's largest companies.

Originally built in 1970 by Donald R Schmitt of Jos Schmitt & Sons, the project was a legacy construction project for Donald. It underwent two major additions in 1981 lead by Donald and later in 1996 lead by his two sons, Steven Schmitt & Reed Schmitt. The Founders Club is a dorm-style housing project to address the growing need for short-term housing for seasonal workers in hospitality as well as interns and co-op students for many of our growing, successful local companies. It represents a $5 million investment by Steven & Reed to continue their commitment to ensure that none of their father's legacy projects be demolished during their lifetime. As well as recognizing the "founders" of some of Sheboygan's most successful companies. The brothers will continue to find similar development opportunities to pay tribute to their father's incredible local construction legacy.

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